๐Ÿ“ˆ 5/25 Updates

I have a so many favorite things about this update for the month of May. A few of them: the Thocon 0x9 badge project completion for the DePaul Student Consulting Group, upcoming Summer class plans at the IRL, the awesome donation of a six color print press and heat press from an alumnus, our Head Lab Moderator moving on to an awesome position at Bosch, and so much more. Thanks for a great year, everyone.

Updates for the month of May include:
  • stats from the IRL Experience Survey
  • stats from our Envoy check-ins
  • other qualitative data (stories) of things happening or about to happen at the IRL

The IRL Experience Survey is complete, and has been out in the wild for a few weeks now. Here's some highlights from our survey questions (full data here):

Describe the impact that the IRL has had on your life.
  • I have met so many friends in the space! In my years before at DePaul, I didn't feel like there was a set place to hang out or enjoy myself on campus. The IRL has filled that void. I also love how it operatesโ€”it is clearly student-led and I hope that it stays that way forever. I am glad that the space is so open and has materials free for student use. Especially compared to whatever bs closed-feeling sort of maker space they have in LP, the IRL rulez. All the employees are super cool, helpful, and nice. I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of the space. I hope it only gets bigger!
  • This space has been so amazing to learn and work in. The people I've met through this space have invariably been creative, dedicated people, and this has pushed me to try and improve myself. I've picked up new skills, hobbies, that I wouldn't have otherwise delved into. I'm so happy that I was able to be around this first year of IRL, and I cant wait to see where it goes from here :^)
  • I live and breathe the maker life.
What do you like about the space? Please describe in brief.
  • It's a very positive vibe whenever I walk in. Not in the sense that everyone is up and lond and talking happily to everyone, but everyone is enjoying the work they are doing and loving it. All of the easy to access materials have helped me when I didn't have my own. The electronics selection should be widened. There should also be monitors and keyboard and mouse sets to use for raspberry pi development.
  • I like that it is free to use and has a great atmosphere.
  • I like the student employees, how it is run, the fact that it welcomes everyone, and the hours.
How long do you stay on an average visit?

By working in the space, how has this affected your:

How satisfied are you with the following?

Envoy Data

~2,266 visits since implementing Envoy on March 13 (keep in mind, Spring Break, etc happened during this time period). This does not account for tours, people who don't check in, etc.

Unique Visits
745 since implementing Envoy. This does not account for tours, people who don't check in, etc.

What are People Making?
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Who's Visiting the Space (individuals)?
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Who's Visiting the Space (DPU relationship)?
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Most Popular Day
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Stories (please add stories that I'm missing, and your own stories, in the comments. I will add them to this doc)

  • Jenn Lawhead (our Head Lab Moderator) has an Internship to Hire at Bosch! Congrats to Jenn!!!
  • The IRL received a generous donation in May from a DePaul alumnus who co-owns a local print shop. The donation came in the form of a six color print press and a heat press that are now housed in the space.
  • The DePaul Consulting Group completed a $50,000 project for the Thotcon 0x9 badges, delivering 1,600 badges to the conference that was sponsored by the FBI, Uptake, and other companies.
  • SUMMER! We're open, and we'll be hosting a group of high school students for a new Summer STEM program, top tier events with organizations MakerEd and Bank of America, and grant groups for the Adaptive Rowing project, DePaul Industrial Design program, and others.
  • The IRL acquired TONS of new equipment this month, including: A PCB CNC mill, four new 3D printers, a vacuum forming machine, foam cutters, bicycle repair station, and more.

Upcoming & Summer Events

## June 1
* IRL End of Year Party
* Egan Office Workshops

## June 26
* MakerEd Meetup

## July 6
* Girls Who Code + Bank of America

## Ongoing Summer Classes
* GD 390 - Tuesdays/Thursdays from 1-415pm
* Make It At DePaul - Thursdays from 5-8pm
* Chicago Knights Drone Summer Camp


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Glenbrook South Visit
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We Can Make PCBs!
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Print Press Workshop
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