1Q2019 / WK 8: Host event to get consumer feedback on fee-for-service course

2/18/19: Decoy effect, what are implications for money saving real estate business models in general, or RECafe Menu of Fees& Rebates?
1/4 How does #DecoyEffect” influence decisions?  What are implications for money saving real estate brokerage models in general, or #RealEstateCafe’s nearly 25 yr old Menu of Fees & Rebates? 


2/4  Meanwhile in New York, Curbed clickbait headline reads “City and state take aim at high broker fees with new legislation” but it’s limited to rent related fees


3/4 Still, there’s reason for real estate consumer advocates to revisit 5 year old paper on #AdverseIntermediaries, it’s coauthored by a Harvard business school professor describes a pain point disempowered homebuyers ignore to get access to inventory

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4/4 Thinking about hosting a roundtable discussion