Sept 1

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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1. Collection analysis 
Maggie shared reports in a folder in the SUNY Consortia shared area.
e-book with Call Number (David created and added to the Consortia folder), all new ebook added in the past month (in the e-Inventory either purchased or added in the subscription packages), a useful report to check it out.
For some e-package e-book titles, they don't have call numbers.
David at BING also created the ebook widget to be added to libguides, it includes the subject areas, showed the Nursing libguide from Binghamton.
normalized Call Number might be more useful to run the collection or the shelf reports, or as a comparison with the regular permanent call number.

2. Reports required to run before/after the Fall semester starts
circ reports, patron purge report, check on expired patrons, ref collection shelf report 

3. Primo analytics
open url link data BIN uses it to check usage of Primo vs Link Resolver directly to databases. 
Some of us tested most popular search terms reports, default dashboard
SLS training session on Primo Analytics Sept 21

4. Meeting schedule for the remaining of 2021
We will continue with the rest of the schedule meetings through Dec.
Please give it some thoughts and check your calendar/availability for 2022, we don't have a lot of agenda items for this group, might not need to meet monthly, can consider quarterly maybe?? We can loop back to this in Oct.

5. Updates, announcements etc.
Suggested a "Show & Tell" session on all things analytics to be added to the SLC LibCal schedule in Nov/Dec. We can decide on a set date in Oct meeting.

Kristy will be on a long vacation from mid-Oct to Nov.