Operational Harmonization (OH)

Aatish Mishra
Aatish Mishra
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  • Diversity and complexity arises from differences in operation at the national level. Hence there is a need to provide measures for harmonization of operation from trackside perspective.
  • Focus of harmonization is on  cab signalling and radio-based ETCS. 
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  • The focus on trackside arises from the fact that the TSI CCS defines standard only for ETCS onboard and its interface to trackside.
  • Some benefits of harmonization are: reduced LCC's, better interoperability, and also contributes to migration possibilities.
  • Below figures depicts the what areas are affected by harmonization of operation:
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Scope of the Cluster:
  • The objective of the cluster is to establish a methodology for harmonization of operation. 
  • This methodology will be proven by use of Proof of Concept (PoC) which would involve a certain operational scenario. Currently the following are being considered:
  1. Start of Mission
  2. Passing of Level Crossing
  3. Emergency Stop
  • The PoC will be determined through continuous interaction with all railways involved in the cluster.
  • Finally, the methodology will be applied for the PoC. Once this is achievable, the scope will be expanded for their procedures. This will be done keeping the RCA technical target picture in mind. 
  • This is described in detail below: 
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