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4. Luxury Nails Engaging ReBrand - Preview 1118

Paul Yenubo
Paul Yenubo
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BEFORE (Original Store Picture): 
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Digital Video Menu Preview - Inside Salon View

Promoting New  Pedicure Services: 

Digital Menu Video Preview - Outside Windows View

Video Advertising Preview:

AFTER ( Top Paint)
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Preview Mockup
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Pantone Color:

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YenTac Shopping Cart: 
Nail Salon Furnitures  | Secure shopping cart

Other Online Store Brand Blue Color:
http://demopure.yentac.com - YenTac Shopping Cart Direct Link | Demo Blue

YENTAC Provided The following Solutions to Revital Brand
Branding, Web, Merchant Processing, Point Of Sale System

YENTAC Provided The following Solutions to LD Brand 
Branding, Web, Merchant Processing, Point Of Sale System

Brand Links:  (Thương Hiệu URL)  guideline.yentac.com


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Merchant Credit Card Processing:
VM4 Merchant

Restaurant Brand Client Preview
YENTAC Clients Restaurant

Beauty Salon Client Preview
YENTAC Clients Beauty Salon

YenTac Client Logo Designs:
Logo Online Store

001-Credit Card Signature Blank Page (Merchant Processing Application or MPA)
1) Download  Blank PDF File
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Interior Design:

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