How to: Get Started with Google Mail

This document explains how to access your new Google-based TCEO email account for the first time.

1. Go to the CEnet portal at

Your TCEO identity is managed through CEnet, which is used to log you on to Google.

CEnet portal login screen 87.4 KB View full-size Download

2. Enter your login details

  • Username = firstname.surname (e.g. frankie.stanwyck)
  • Password = The first 3 letters of your given name (starting with a capital), the first three letters of your surname (all lowercase) and your year of birth (4 digits) e.g. for Frankie Stanwyck it would be Frasta1964  (no spaces, dots etc)
  • Diocsese = Tasmania
Click Log in to proceed.

3. Set your password reset questions

This is the CEnet identity portal. Click on the Set password reset prompts link in the middle of the screen to continue. These allow you to reset your password if you forget it.

Two questions have been chosen for you, but you need to make up the third one.

Fill everything out and click Submit and follow any prompts back to the main menu.
CEnet Portal security challenge questions 98 KB View full-size Download

4. Change your password

CEnet Portal main menu.png 53.2 KB View full-size Download

It's time to choose your own password. Click the link on the left of the main menu.

Enter your current password first (the one with your year of birth) and submit it. Then enter a new one which must have at least 1 capital letter, 1 number and be 8+ characters long

Submit it and then follow any prompts.

5. Log in to your TCEO Google account and access your email

Open up a new browser tab and navigate to via the address bar. You will be automatically redirected to your new Inbox.

If that didn't work, go to and follow the prompts to log in.

Welcome to your new TCEO Google account! 

Make sure you only use this account for work-related communication. If you have a personal Gmail account, you can switch to it from the user icon menu in the upper right.
TCEO Gmail Inbox with app switcher open 79.4 KB View full-size Download

Other than email you may also access other Google services from the grid icon in the upper right, such as:
  • Calendar — Includes your personal Calendar + those shared from the TCEO
  • Docs — A full collaborative office suite for word processing and spreadsheets.
  • Drive — For sharing files with your co-workers.

Want to make the most of your TCEO Google account? Read this guide next.

Feeling a bit lost? You can email us any questions you have: