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  • The lack of a centralized service might lead to a situation where each cluster would develop their own rules around modelling and tooling. 
  • This would make developing a common, overarching model difficult to realize. 
  • Hence there is a need to provide guidelines to ensure that there is a common understanding amongst different groups. for expressing various features of the model.

Scope of the Cluster:
  • The objective of the cluster is to provide processes, modelling rules and tooling  to all clusters inside RCA in order to get an overall consistent model.
  • This also includes processes such as documentation and configuration management. 
  • Below figure shows the shows the work setup of the cluster. The core modelers are experts who are involved with other clusters where they formalize the model together with domain experts of each cluster. 
  • In this way the cluster acts as a central service to the other clusters.

Work Setup of the Cluster 69.4 KB View full-size Download

  • The methodology for the modelling rules is based on the ARCADIA method. ARCADIA is a model-based system engineering method which focuses on the design of system architectures. In addition to the rules provided by ARCADIA, further guidelines need to be introduced due to the complexity of modelling amongst various clusters. 
  • Below figure illustrates the ARCH process, which is based on the ARCADIA method.  
The ARCH Process 144 KB View full-size Download

  • This is further integrated within the overall process of creating the modeling rules as as given by the following meta model:
Meta Model of the process. The red box depicts the ARCH Process 138 KB View full-size Download

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