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Marc Reidy
Marc Reidy
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Some notes on Accelerator mail merge with quotes/orders.

The item table must not have rows with multiple other rows.

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The item table must be isolated from any totals
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If you just merge using view vlineitems data will not be formatted.
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You need to create your own view to get the data
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CREATE VIEW vCustomQuoteItems
select QuIt_LineItemID, prod_code, quit_productid,quit_description,
quit_linenumber, prod_name,quit_orderquoteid,
FORMAT(quit_quantity,'N2')as quit_quantity,
uom_description as quit_uomid,
FORMAT(quit_quotedprice,'N2') as quit_quotedprice,
FORMAT(quit_quotedpricetotal,'N2') as quit_quotedpricetotal,
from vLineItemsQuote
left join vUOM on UOM_UOMID=quit_uomid

In the Accelerator web.config change the setting from
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Now when we merge we see
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Please note that your columns may be different and this view is just an example. You may need to customise this some more.