RCA and System Pillar

Aatish Mishra
Aatish Mishra
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Need for System Pillar:
  • There is a need for a single co-ordinated approach for development of the railway system, leading to the idea of a 'Single European Rail Area'. 
  • An European market for Rail would aid in increasing performance and decreasing costs. 
  • RCA and other initiatives such as OCORA, EULYNX, Linx4Rail are to be brought under the System Pillar in order to establish common European standards and specifications, in addition to define a functional system architecture and operational concepts.
  • The System Pillar aims to build on the vision defined by the CCS System Framework, which includes:
    1. A common European CCS system
    2. The CCS system should be flexible and adaptive i.e. it should consists of a modular architecture with standardized interfaces.
    3. Operational Harmonization: With focus on ERTMS Level 2 and 3 implementaion.
    4. Optimized Traffic Management system will result in consistent data exchange with other services, and focus on digitization allows for real-time decision making.

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