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Scope of the Cluster:
  • The aim of the cluster is to deliver specifications for the following:
    • A common security strategy for defining the security levels of various systems and sub-systems for EULYNX and RCA.
    • A mapping of security features to corresponding hazards
    • Establishment of guidelines to avoid any interference between EULYNX and legacy, Non-EULYNX systems
    • Providing a roadmap to maintaining the security level in the future.
    • Ensuring interfaces with areas such as OCORA or TMS.

  • Below figure depicts the basic structure of the cluster:
Basic Structure of the Cluster 43.6 KB View full-size Download
  • The level of definition depends upon the actual topic. However it should be ensured that the EULYNX/RCA standards themselves are not affected by this. 

Level of Definition 72.6 KB View full-size Download

  • Below illustrations depict scope within RCA and EULYNX respectively:

Scope within RCA (represented by the purple borders) 143 KB View full-size Download

Scope within EULYNX (represented by the blue box) 113 KB View full-size Download

Specification for harmonized security:
  • Synchronization with OCORA is done to have a common understanding on basic requirements and methods, from a security standpoint. 
Synchronization with OCORA 47.2 KB View full-size Download

  • The result is the Cyber Security Guideline- which provides a general approach for analyzing threats and defining measures. This is harmonized between EULYNX/RCA and OCORA security clusters. 

Harmonized Security Specification (ERORAT is an Excel tool used for risk assessment avalaible as part of the guidelines) 41.2 KB View full-size Download

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