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  • Conventionally, Infrastructure Managers (IM'S) would provide signalling information to suppliers in the form of plans and textual documents. 
  • However, the limitation for the suppliers is the repetitive and painstaking process of interpreting this information for the IM and then returning the as-built information. Furthermore this repetitive process may also introduce errors, which leads to correction measures that could be avoided.

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Scope of the cluster:
  • The DataPrep (DP) clusters aims to develop a model for presenting the information needed to engineer a signalling system for specific yards.
  • This information is fed directly to the supplier's engineering tool chain.
  • After the supplier designs, tests and executes the system, the as-built information is directly returned to the IM's IT system. 
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  • The benefits of EULYNX DP are listed below:
  1. Automate error prone processes related to information flow.
  2. Engineering capacity is better utilized.
  3. Facilitate Agile Production Process
  4. Provide the possibility of performing and mastering complex tasks.

For more information, please visit the following links:
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  2. EULYNX DataPrep Public Snapshot

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