Maintaining Electronic Collections 8/24/21

Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY)
Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY)
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Clarification about "Activate new portfolios associated with service automatically?" and "We subscribe to only some titles in this collection" settings:
  • Service Activation "Activate new portfolios" setting is what controls your access to content. If you say yes, which you'd do for an aggregator package, you're telling Ex Libris to add new portfolios to your collection (and make them active) any time they're added to the CZ collection, and remove any titles that are removed. You'd say no for selective packages because you don't want Ex Libris to add titles that you don't own or have access to.
  • CDI setting "we subscribe to only some titles in this collection" - this is ONLY controlling your availability publishing. It's only related to Primo searching, it has nothing to do with adding content to your collection. If it's marked no, meaning that you're saying you have access to everything in the collection, that COLLECTION will be published as available, and any search records with that collection code in the CDI will show up in your full-text search. You don't want this because there may be more search records in the CDI than just the portfolios that you have active in Alma, and you may get false availability. You want your availability publishing to be more specific, at the portfolio level, so that you're telling Primo to only mark search records associated with that specific portfolio (usually an ISSN or ISBN match) as available. Marking it yes makes your available vs. not available results in Primo more accurate.
  • Chris from BSC asked if there was a job to switch CDI settings on collections from we subscribe to only some titles from no to yes. I don't know of a job, but you can find the collections that have this setting by doing and advanced Electronic Collection search with search option We subscribe to only some titles in this collection = no.