Primary Teaching for Mastery: Focus Issue

Martin Tillbrook
Martin Tillbrook

Planning for SEND provision for a mainstream maths leader 

(Clare Christie) 

Monday 21st November 2022

As part of this year’s Primary Teaching for Mastery programme, we are hosting some optional online sessions for schools on our Primary Teaching for Mastery Readiness, Developing, Embedding and Sustaining Work Groups.
Out first session was on one of our regions identified priority issues: Planning for SEND provision.
This session discussed a framework for planning maths provision for SEND pupils informed by research, the DfE Mathematics Guidance, and experiences of working with pupils.
The session was lead by Clare Christie, the maths lead for the Ashley Down Schools Federation in Bristol.  She is one of the founders of Number Sense Maths and is a contributor – and voice – of the 2020 DfE Mathematics Guidance for KS1 and KS2.  Clare is also an author of the NCETM Teaching for Mastery assessment materials and regularly contributes to other NCETM resources.

Thank you to all those that attended and for those that couldn't make it, please find a recording of the session embedded below.  The session received some amazing feedback:  "Thank you for giving the opportunity of such a useful session! I feel very inspired by Clare and it would be lovely to have the chance to take part in further sessions."

As a delegate on a Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Group, you have access to these resources through the link posted in you Basecamp project.  If your headteacher or SENCO attended, or you know this information would be useful to other members of staff, please forward the link on to them.
A pdf of the slides used in the session have also been shared by Clare.
SEND EMS.pdf 11.3 MB View full-size Download

Attached is a copy of the full DfE Guidance and this link will take you to the year group specific guidance around the RtPs: The focus on coherence / connections, representations, and language structures supports inclusive quality first teaching.

Maths_guidance_KS_1_and_2.pdf 7.53 MB View full-size Download

This link takes you to the NCETM RtP exemplification materials - perfect for pre-teach / keep up intervention for targeted small group support:

Clare has also shared some sample grids as examples for individualised provision.

1NF-1 Small steps progression.docx 731 KB Download
1NF-2 Small steps progression.docx 17.5 KB Download
1NPV-2 Small steps progression.docx 13.9 KB Download
2NPV-1 Small steps progression.docx 25.2 KB Download
2NPV-2 Small steps progression.docx 36.3 KB Download
NPV-1 Small steps progression.docx 15.4 KB Download
Teaching plan individualised maths.docx 12.9 KB Download

If you have any follow up questions or feedback, please contact EMS Maths Hub.
Thank you.