Seed2Health Content Development, Permitted Use and Attribution

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Seed2Health Copyright

This statement explains the permitted use intent of Seed2Health open source, copyrighted content. It is being developed by Seed2Health, LLC, the manager of the open source community of volunteer members in the Seed2Health Learning Health Alliance and Seed2Health Services, L3C, a company launching in 2023 as the provider of supporting services.  Collectively required to enable and advance Seed2Health "learning health", these services include Consensus Guidances that build on common terms referred to as Seed2Health open source Expressions and Seed2Health Ontology, the standardized terminology needed for the development of Seed2Health Learning Health Exchange and its various service brand names including, LEHRN and Teachable Medicine.
  • Seed2Health Websites, Web Page & Other Content Development
Each web page and its content relating to Seed2Health are products of the Seed2Health approach to developing and advancing community-wide co-innovations through continuous immersive learning and consensus-building.

The goal of the Seed2Health Copyright is to encourage through open source sharing ways to facilitate rapid innovation and continuous advancement of broadly shared understanding among members of Seed2Health Learning Health Alliance and other parties with whom they engage in the pursuit of
learning health - both collectively and individually.
  • Content Attribution and Use
Members of the Seed2Health Learning Health Alliance and Seed2Health, LLC are establishing  terms for attributing, referencing and using published content. These terms including repurposing and/or using published content for any commercial purpose will reflect and be consistent with an appropriate, recognized open source license.  See Creative Commons Six Licenses for examples.


Copyright 2017 to 2023 by Seed2Health, LLC.  For further information about Seed2Health open source standards see Seed2Health Open Source Copyright and Permitted Uses.