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Welcome to Seed2Health 

Seed2Health is a grassroots community that has come together to learn which botanical therapeutics may - or may not - work for each of us. 

We share the belief that, together, we can re-imagine how to gather, learn from, and safely share knowledge through the lens of our common health experiences.

As we help others and they, in turn, help us, we see that getting and staying healthy can become easier and less expensive. We call this
learning health.

Launching Seed2Health Market Services in Maine, Q4 2021

We have come together representing two botanical therapeutics markets: one being health maintenance and restoration and the consumers and those guiding them and the other being plant medicines and those who grow, produce, test and sell them.  While most of us live in the State of Maine, our work in co-creating learning health is connecting us with people all over the world - people who believe that together we can transform our own health and, in so doing, be an example of the healthcare system we all want.

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Connecting with Seed2Health

There are three ways to connect with Seed2Health.
  • Keep Me Posted
For those interested in staying connected and learning more as Seed2Health gets ready to launch, please send a short email to us at LearningTogether@seed2health.net letting us know your name and the email address you'd like us to use.  Please rest assured that your contact data will never be shared by us with anyone else.  By early July, you should start hearing about upcoming discussions, on-line education forums, and various events.

  • Join Seed2Health Learning Health Alliance
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If you would like to connect with a member to learn more about Seed2Health Alliance  or become a member, please send an email to LearningTogether@seed2health.net and tell us a bit more about yourself.  This way we can make sure that you hear from someone who shares your interests.  

Following are some examples of what you might tell us: 
  • I am interested in learning more about learning health for my own health journey.  
  • I want to see how I might be able to help others to learn from my experiences.
  • I want to find out how the services or products that I provide might benefit others and how Seed2Health might benefit what I do.
    • While all members bring their time and expertise as learning health "consumers", some bring the valuable perspectives of their education and work.  Expertise in research, crop and soils management, cultivation, testing, safety, manufacturing, pharmacy and health are informing the voluntary consensus standards we are shaping.

  • Connect with the Team that's Managing Seed2Health
For people interested in learning more about the business aspects of Seed2Health, please send and email to Andrew Thacher (at@seed2health.net) or Chris Wolfkiel, PhD (cjw@seed2health.net), co-founders of Seed2Health, LLC.

Coming Soon

With the innovative support of Walkabout Workplace, all companies and organizations that are part of what we are calling Seed2Health Learning Health Markets soon will be meeting virtually with each other and their guests.
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Want to see what this is all about?  Please go to
https://vgi.io/seed2health, sign in as a guest and let us know who you'd like to see.  If your host is there, they will invite you into the lobby, their office or one of the training and meeting rooms that are already set up!

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Welcome to Seed2Health!

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