POST Web Requests Status

Received List

password protected post still showing here
Duplicate newsletter sign-up form
Arastradero corrections
Canyon Rim Hike correction
Little Basin correction
Mels Lane corrections
Sierra Azul corrections
Post News - section at bottom of news articles
Purisima corrections
Mindego Hill corrections
Rancho Corral corrections
Skyline Trail hike corrections
"more on our website"
smartphone - home page & click on career link at bottom
Like the two finger prompt!
Map still too large on mobile when I land
Adding field guides to "experience" page
strange black hole on screen
Footer formatting issue
just lost a bunch of work
successive online gifts confusing
map icons are gettting crowded
Use main header photo on all hikes for now
blog search on "dogs"
Bair Island corrections
CP Trail correction
Ano Nuevo Trail correction
Nice job, Paco!
Blog post typo

On the works

Farmland program page - bug
Glitch with recommended content?
Remove apostrophe
small typo valencia/gazos blog
black/blank picture
broken link
strange redirect happening on this page
Reorder website internal search to show most recent events first
Rewrite UTM's for emails sent from exactTarget from KQED emails
I noticed a typo on Dan's excellent article on the...
Change template layout so it will show reCaptcha of Pardot forms


Website Refresh : Blogs and Hikes Pages [Kickoff on February 5th]