July 1st Minutes

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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Hi All,
A quick reminder, we are meeting Wed July 1 at 10am
meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/618832501

Agenda and Minutes/Notes
Gail will contact ExL to verify which server SUNYs Analytics reside, and will try to request SUNYs to be migrated with NA05 group in Q4.
  • My Folder needs to be copied to the Institution's shared report folder (see attached doc)
Everyone on the AWG will test those instructions. Comment or Feedback to the Basecamp by Friday 7/3

For the SUNY webinar:
Create a share folder named "_Migration Folder Put All My Folders Here"
Tues July 7 10am, Gail will schedule on the SLSS calendar, Kristy and Gail will send out an announcement on BC.

PS - Gail will notify the SLSS staff about this in the Network Zone instance, under ind. account and the SLC account
  • Report back from the special group working on SUNY LARS
UB - Research funding, not sure all SUNYs have the same acq structure
Kristy shared New Paltz's LARS folder in SUNY shared folder (in KL folder)
  • Progress on the SUNY Consortia folder
Will check back on this in the next meeting