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TRAINING PROGRAMS: Defensive Tactics: Empty Hands Combat- 3.3 PERSONAL DEFENSE

Arturas Pranckevicius
Arturas Pranckevicius
Why we have to be trained?.:

Full Personal Defense Project 
Public link: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/stDjnyuvdJQpxjnqhS7C9vkm

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  • Duration:  15 hours;
  • Price:        150 euro;

Human Behavior Model- Wrong Expectations:
  • Most  people Don’t Know how to behave in Extreme situations. They Expect that Someone will Protect Them (Police, Security, Batman ..)

  • Most  Professionals (Police, Security..) are Not Ready for that type of situations too and they CAN'T DEFEND EVEN THEMSELVES !

  • Why we have to be trained : https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/Qnf3Hpn5nLvWBi44NKvs61Ec

Concept of Self-Defense: 

  • Safety of Community  starts from Personal Safety !
  • If  you won’t Invest to your ability to Protect Yourself You will Be Trophy for Your Assailant !

  1. You can only Protect Your Family and Others when You Can Protect Yourself.
  2.  Our Duty is to be Strong. This is the only way to build Safe Community.
  3. The Only Chance to Survive- to be Ready To Survive.
  4. We all are Warriors and Life is a Battle.

You don't need to Win the Fight. You must Escape and Survive. To Win the fight you have to be stronger than your opponent. To Survive - you must be Smart and Adaptive.

How to use Reasonable Force Professionally, Simply and Effectively (Laws: Reasonable Force/Deadly Force);

How to Avoid Using of Force because of Readiness to Fight, Self Control and Confidence.
Readiness to Fight is Psychical  Condition which depends from your Physical  Condition and Fighting Skills.
How to Fight Professionally, Simply and Effectively (training built on Principles of Biomechanics of Human Body, Psychic Reactions and Timing).


  • You Can't Win against someone who is Stronger. But you still Can Protect yourself !
  • You need years of training for Ability to Win. But you need a few basic Principles and to be Smart that to Survive.
  • But You still have to Train Hard. That builds Ability to Fight and Self Confidence and Chances to Avoid the Fight.
  • You cant Defend Others if you Can't Defend Yourself !

Principles of Self-Defense:

  • Defend Yourself:
  1. Remove Threat;
  2. Assets between You and Threat;
  3.  Withdraw to Safety.
  • Defend Others:
  1. Remove Threat;
  2. Assets between Person you defend and Threat;
  3. Remove Person You Defend.

Planning of Personal Defense:

  • Try not to get in Troubles( 5 Not To Do ). You can sort 90% of them out.
  • Even if you do everything Right- you can get in Troubles. Use Physical Defense Techniques (Principles of How to Fight Properly) then. Don't forget- 90% Avoiding Troubles, 10%- necessity for Using Force.

Principles of Using of Reasonable Force
  • Necessary;
  • Reasonable in Circumstances;
  • Proportional (response).
Self-Defense Law (UK, Ireland):
  • Defense of Self;
  • Defense of  Others;
  • Defense of Premises or Property.

Human Right Convention:
  • Right to Life.
Citizens arrest (UK, Ireland):
  • You can arrest someone if you reasonably suspect they are committing a serious offence and it is not reasonably practical for a police officer to do so instead.

Defensive Tactics:PERSONAL DEFENSE MODULE- Practical Drills: 

3.1 Basics of Throws / Take-downs;
3.2.6 Ground work for Defense;
3.3 Basics of Punching/Kicks;
3.4-3.5. Defense From Grabs;
. Defensive Tactics: Advanced Defense-Basics-Blind Defense, Multiple Opponents, Small Space Defense;
4.2. Defense From Grabs - Multiple Opponents (" Zombie" Scenario);
Defensive Tactics : Advanced Defense-Basics- TACTICS  OF SMALL GROUPS;
Defensive Tactics : Advanced Defense-Basics-DISARMAMENT
6.3. Use for defense "anything you see around":

Full Personal Defense Project - Public link:

✅ Defensive Tactics: 3.3 PERSONAL DEFENSE MODULE - Blog - Training Systems