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1.0 ~ Design Documents

1.01 Steps in the Design Process.pdf 69.9 KB View full-size Download

2.0 ~ Designer Agreements

2.01 Custom Home Design Agreement.doc 44.5 KB Download

2.01 Custom Home Design Agreement.pdf 108 KB View full-size Download
2.02 Additional Design-Example 1.doc 36 KB Download

2.02 Additional Design-Example 1.pdf 190 KB View full-size Download
2.03 Additional Design-Example 2.doc 45 KB Download

2.03 Additional Design-Example 2.pdf 183 KB View full-size Download
2.04 Notice to Proceed.doc 34 KB Download

2.04 Notice to Proceed.pdf 49.1 KB View full-size Download
2.05 Green Building Clauses.docx 11.7 KB Download

2.05 Green Building Clauses.pdf 44.2 KB View full-size Download
2.06 License Agreement.doc 33.5 KB Download

2.06 License Agreement.pdf 42.6 KB View full-size Download
2.07 License Certificates.doc 46 KB Download

2.07 License Certificates.pdf 64.8 KB View full-size Download
2.08 Terms of Agreement.doc 41 KB Download

2.08 Terms of Agreement.pdf 103 KB View full-size Download
2.09 Design and Consultation Service Agreement.doc 38.5 KB Download

2.09 Design and Consultation Service Agreement.pdf 94.5 KB View full-size Download

2.10 Service Contract-Designers-Sample.doc 112 KB Download

2.10 Service Contract_Designers_Sample.pdf 245 KB View full-size Download

2.10 Service Contract_Designers.pdf 245 KB View full-size Download

2.10 Service Contract-Designers-Sample.doc 112 KB Download

3.0 ~ Construction Document Forms

4.0 ~ Construction Bidding Documents

5.0 ~ Specifications

6.0 ~ Construction Forms

7.0 ~ Field Observation

8.0 ~ Other Tools

8.01 Employee Handbook Example.doc 132 KB Download
8.02 Job Description- Template.doc 47 KB Download

8.03 Hourly Rate Calculator.pdf 15.6 KB View full-size Download
8.03 Hourly Rate Calculator.xlsx 23.2 KB Download

8.04 Project Tracker.pdf 128 KB View full-size Download
8.04 Project Tracker.xlsx 36.5 KB Download

8.05 AIBD Construction Drawing Checklist.xlsx 20.2 KB Download

8.06 Building Designer One Page Business Plan.pdf 393 KB View full-size Download

8.06 Building Designer One Page Business Plan.xlsx 15.3 KB Download

8.07 - Handy Reference Guide TO THE FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT.pdf 134 KB View full-size Download

8.07 Handy Reference Guide TO THE FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT

8.08.01 Electric Panel Box-1 AC.pdf 178 KB View full-size Download
8.08.01 Electric Panel Box-1 AC.xlsx 16.4 KB Download
8.08.02 Electric Panel Box-2 AC.pdf 181 KB View full-size Download
8.08.02 Electric Panel Box-2 AC.xlsx 16.5 KB Download

8.09 SWOT Analysis Form.pdf 76.3 KB View full-size Download

8.09 SWOT Analysis Form

8.10 Straight-Line Depreciation Worksheet
8.10 - Straight-Line Depreciation Worksheet.pdf 109 KB View full-size Download

8.10 - Straight-Line Depreciation Worksheet.xlsx 22.4 KB Download

OOO Email eBook Cover.png 1.09 MB View full-size Download

8.11 - 20+ Ways to Craft Creative and Effective Out-of-Office Email (eBook)

8:12 - Policy for Recording, Transcribing, and Reviewing Video Meetings

8.12 - Policy for Recording, Transcribing, and Reviewing Video Meetings.pdf 132 KB View full-size Download
8.12 - Policy for Recording, Transcribing, and Reviewing Video Meetings.docx 15.9 KB Download

8.13 - Roof Drain Sizing Chart

8.13 - Roof Drain Sizing Chart.pdf 292 KB View full-size Download


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